Hi, I’m Andy

I am a professional commercial & automotive photographer, and the owner of NoggsPhotography. While I am based out of Madison, Wisconsin, my work takes me across the country and around the world. Clients hire me primarily for automotive or commercial photography, and my experience with staging, lighting, and editing is reflected in my portfolio.

My flexibility and organization enable me to consistently meet deadlines and take on challenges anywhere in the world. The result is a succession of compelling images that are attractive and highly effective. Years of producing commercial and motorsport photography guarantees promotional material, advertising, digital marketing or e-commerce, delivered above and beyond expectations.


Photography has always been a passion for me since I was young. Traveling with my family growing up I always wanted to hold the camera or bring my own camera as I got older. After high school I attended Madison College earning an Associated Degree in Applied Arts – Photography. This kind of formal training is not for everyone when it comes to photography, but I feel as if it helped me gain an understanding into the world of photography.

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.”

Ansel Adams • World Renowned Photographer 

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My Work

My day job is photographing product and lifestyle images for a catalog company. It is through this company that I get behind a camera every day to practice my skills. The company consists of four separate companies that each specialize in a different business market. These different markets create an interesting photography experience; some days I am shooting pencils in the studio and other days I am shooting beef cattle at the state fair, with a little bit of everything in between. I really enjoy working here and practicing the craft as I go.

My freelance photography business is for automotive, motorsports and commercial photography but the focus is primarily on automotive & motorsport images. I am always trying to create new and exciting images and cover different forms of motorsport.


I’m part of several affiliate programs (I get a small commission on any sales generated through this blog, which helps me run this site). I chose these affiliate programs specifically because I trust them with one exception. Amazon actually offers a larger commission on cameras and lenses, but I do NOT trust them for buying camera gear, so any links you see on this site you can trust where you are buying it from. I will only link to Amazon for smaller, less expensive accessories, camera equipment will always come from B&H or Adorama.