This photoshoot was commissioned for a catalog cover and the goal was to create images of a culinary student & instructor cooking and prepping food while working in a commercial kitchen.  We contacted a local hotel and asked nicely to take over their kitchen for few hours between the lunch and dinner service. The models we used for the shoot were hired from the Rock Agency.

At the studio before the shoot, we prepped for the shoot with a pallet full of kitchen supplies, pots, pans, and cookware that would be used for props. We also had chef coats, aprons and hats in multiple sizes for the models to wear during the shoot. I love the feeling of using brand new props for photoshoots. Because I work for a catalog company, we got to take all the props out of their packaging. Afterwards, we organized all the items and loaded them into the van to head out on location.

On arrival, we unloaded our equipment onto our RocknRoller Cart and put the props onto a separate cart.

RockNRoller Cart put to work

Once inside we set to work unpacking our equipment and kitchen props. We framed the shot, checked lighting, and got the laptop tethered. We also had the food cut, prepped, and arranged for the shoot.

While this was happening, I took a few shots for the website, social media & other marketing campaing usage. Also during this time, the models were getting dressed and fitted for their chef outfits.

The models were brought in shortly after the lighting was set and food prep was done. The art director instructed them on what they would be doing for the shoot, and during that time I took a few test shots to make sure we were ready to go.

As the shoot progressed, the “instructor” had the “student” cook a steak, measure the temperature, cut an onion, and plate the finished product.

The “instructor” checks the temperature of the meat along with the “student”
The “instructor” coaches the “student” on proper knife skills
Final plating under the watchful eye of the “instructor”

After plating, the shoot was wrapped for the day. We cleaned up the kitchen and loaded our gear back into the van to head back to the studio.

After image selection, retouching, and layout, everyone involved in the shoot was very satisfied with the finished cover.

Selected Image, Nikon D810, Nikon 24-70 f/2.8, 1/100 sec; f/3.2; ISO 800

This was overall a great shoot. The art direction, food prep, and location were perfect and the models were wonderful to work with. I look forward to seeing it in print and have the catalogs sent to professionals in the FCS & Cullinary fields. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Nikon 810
Nikon 24-70 f/2.8
3x Profoto B1X

Special thanks to the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Ft. Atkinson, WI